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I'd like a cookie.

Puking on a bus is one of my most embarrassing memories. I'm glad you were spared that indignity...and that the week has turned around!

Pigeon poop hair is seriously undervalued at $5. It is at least the pedestrian equivalent of puking on the bus, and should come in closer to a $100 find on any reasonable karmic scale. But I haven't found any cash at all yet, and it's been 15 years.

I'll take a cookie. I have both puked and been puked on in a bus but no money found yet.

I don't believe I have ever been shit upon by a bird. And I find money ALL THE TIME. Sure, it's always in my pockets when I'm folding my laundry, and, well, now that I think about it, it's probably the same bit of money many times in a row since it tends to just get forgotten in another pocket, but, still: found money! And no bird shit!

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