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In addition to being an InSinkErator, ours is a Badger. Maybe yours is too? http://www.insinkerator.com/product/product.php?id=9&template=hhd

I derive more pride and joy than is at all reasonable from fixing it myself when it gets jammed -- you can download product manuals online and learn all its secrets. It is a horrible machine, but I think it can be tamed if you're committed to things like "having a working drain."

A Badger? You have an actual badger as a waste disposal? Now, that's eco-friendly.

It's too terrifying to tame! I feel about it rather as if there were a horrible cliff with no railing in the middle of my kitchen.

I suppose it would be rather alarming to have an actual badger that lived in one's sink, too, but it sounds nice. I like badgers.

My parents bought a house with an Insinkerator hot tap and I learned to fear it, but not to avoid it.

Despite knowing full well that it dispensed near-boiling water, over and over again I absentmindedly turned it on and stuck my hands under the stream to rinse them. Apparently, a small but insistent part of my brain decided that viciously hot water = nice clean hands.

What? I never said I was clever.

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