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I kind of adore our small city's bus system, and I acknowledge that my affection is slightly patronizing. I didn't even realize when I choose our apartment that the incredibly roundabout bus route* I prefer actually has a stop two doors from my home.

I lived in Chicago for a while, and I can testify that Chicago-area public transit boasted a disproportionate level of loudly expressed maybe-crazy there.

*Really, it's mad. It loops improbably 'round from the waterfront, through the quaint historic port/shopping district, past the downtown proper, to the big bustling hospital, the dinky little hospital, the enormous elderly housing facility, the Charles-Addams-house-for-elderly housing, the various HHS offices, aaaaaaand a long meaningless detour into an unbuilt area before finally dropping off at the giant grocery, where I can buy lunch before heading to the university. Except when there's a cruise ship in port, when everything changes. Golly.

Just had a week of single parenting here. Unfortunately it coincided with sickness for 2 out of 4, much changing of sheets, no veg and little sleep. Thankfully it is over!

I lived in LA for a couple of years and was about the only person in the city not to own a car. I quite enjoyed using the buses, and they were amazingly good value compared to here in the UK. There was a big of a loony quotient, it must be said, but all good fun.

Good luck with the single parenting and jet set lifestyle!

Thanks, all! So far, so good. Tonight I must remember to shower before bed, though, or I'll be very sad very early very tomorrow very morning.

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