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Glad to see you've opened comments. I can't actually remember whether I emailed you, but in the event I didn't, I enjoy your site.


Thanks very much. I always find it shocking to think that anyone's actually reading this, let alone enjoying it. I like yours, too.

I happened upon this page when I had all the ingredients for this soup except cilantro at hand. (WOW!) I have just finished making it with a few changes. I sweated the onions, garlic, tomatoes and tomatillos in the olive oil, to save energy, then adding the potatoes and h2o. I blended it smooth....very delightful!

I'm tempted to sprinkle zaatar on top when I serve it

Thank you for having recipes using sumac on your site, also for helping me use the end of my garden harvest.....I live on the Central Coast of California and my tomatoes and tomatillos just won't quite this year!


ps: do you ever use dried mango powder?

We're going to try this for dinner tonight! I came across the Campbell's version at the grocery store and thought, this sounds good - then read the nutrition info. Loaded with fat, sodium, and who knows what else. Then thought, there must be a better way to make this! and went in search of a recipe. Thank you for posting this! and find your site entertaining also :)

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