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I confess to having occasionally "enjoyed" Slurry, but only when poured in a bag of Fritos, and mainly because it is a sin to put reasonably decent chili in Fritos.

Frito pie! I love Frito pie, and it had not occurred to me as a use for Slurry. Of course, since my vegetarian chili is by definition heretical rather than decent, it goes in there just fine.

I think I'm still afraid of meat in a can, though.

Slurry is also a reasonable thing to put on hot dogs, again because no Right Thinking Person would add not-horrible chili to cheap cased meats.

In truth, though, meat in a can is fairly awful, except for perhaps lump crab (which is still an inferior product).

Also, heretical does not necessarily equal decent!

Indeed, how can heresy be decent? Surely it cannot.

YEARGH, I meant "not decent".

Chili con carne strictly traditionally has no beans.

However, the finest chili con carne definitely definitively is not canned.

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