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I remember back when Mason and Dixon came out, reading a lot of historical background about the introduction of coffee to Europe and how the resultant decrease in societal lassitude fueled a lot of creative ferment. I've felt less bad about caffeine dependency ever since then.

Coffee is the engine of Western vigor, to be sure! It just seems a bit unfair to have it be the engine of one's own barest scrape of non-utter lassitude, instead of any actual vigor as such. It seems like something more wholesome could surely swap in for an effect so minimal. Miso soup, perhaps?

Perhaps Sriracha?

Mmmm, sriracha. That's an excellent idea.


I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Uncle Alec!

"why, he must love cold water like a duck!"

Sorry. That quote's been drifting around in my head for, let's see... almost thirty years, and floated to the top just last week. Crazy. Are you my better-educated, more-literary doppelganger? I think yes.

Hooray! Oh, Uncle Alec, you wholesome schemer.

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