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Congratulations! We hope for in-depth coverage of the foodie angle.

Great news! Even if you've missed the chance to blog about exhaustion, you may still be able to talk about nausia!

Oh, wow! Congratulations!

Congratulations! So "fermentation crock" was some kind of 18th-c.-stylee allusion to your own condition? </tasteless>


Congrats! I'm sure the baby will be delicious.

Wow, congratulations!

Holy crap! How awesome! Congratulations to you both.


Thanks, everyone! Maybe now that I have this off my chest, I can relax and feel a bit more natural. I will do my very best to produce the best tasting, most well marbled infant that money can buy.

Dear Red Fox,
Congratulations on your very good news. (I love your dinner reports sidebar, too - this baby is already eating well.)

What's the difference between a fermentation crock and pregnancy? One, if all goes well, results in something that fills the room with irresistible aromas, and the other, if all goes well, results in a baby. HAR HAR HAR.




Great pickles, foxy.

Let me be the first to wish you congratulations!

Wooooo! Congratulations!

Let the production of lactic acid commence.

Oh hooray! Congratulations! I can't wait to pore over every detail that you share.


Wait, you're pregnant? Wow, mazel tov.

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