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I went to a book signing for gastroceleblogger David Lebovitz today. And *he* said that French coffee is *terrible*, but basically that the French won't admit it because they believe every hot beverage they make is good simply because it is French. Perhaps, though, their hot chocolate is exceptional? Though I bet the Colombians would have something to say about that.

It watches the birds for her, or something?

Liz: HA. That has certainly been my experience of French coffee. I think I'd like to take a coffee-sodden tour of Vienna, instead. I'm sure most tea brewed in France does leave something to be desired as well, even if the cup of Thé des Songes I'm currently drinking is excellent.

Ben: Apparently among other things it features "four hours of birdsong and bird-call audio from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology" and costs twenty dollars. Watching the birds for you is just the beginning!

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