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Thank goodness.

Oh dear. I fell in love with you through your recipes and now I will be unable to exhale for months until an outcome outcomes. Plus, the phrase "toroidal foods" will haunt me all day.

Glad to hear that everything turned out OK, of course, and I'm struck by how awesome all of your health care providers were throughout.

Nellig, thank you! Everything since has been just as boring as one could want, so we'll just hope it stays that way.

Matt, yes, I was very pleasantly surprised. I hope it bodes well for the way things play out for the rest of the process.

Glad everything's okay. This gave me a flashback of when it happened to me, when we were camping in the middle of nowhere. No fun at all.

Ugh! Poor you, that sounds supremely awful.

Yoicks. When something possibly-awful and certainly-uncertain happens, it's quite reassuring to have everyone be so very competent and obviously thoughtful. I was holding my breath most of the way through that little story, despite expectations that it would all turn out fine.

(Also, I read that as "just shy of seventeen months pregnant," which lent an air of confusion to the whole thing.)

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