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If you know that you've arranged for it, will it be the same? You might reason that life already has some inconveniences so you'll never be able to tell whether any particular one has been arranged by the company or is endogenous, but in that case, why retain their services in the first place? And you'd only really be in a PKD novel if the efforts of Inconvenient, Inc. were, for whatever reason, stymied or subverted (life is inconvenient), resulting, by some incommodious vicus, in … precisely the inconveniences you would have had anyway. Differently caused, perhaps, but indistinguishable for your own purposes.

Huh. That's, like, the only Twilight Zone episode I've ever seen.

I showed Juliet the twitted owl pictures and read some of the accompanying post (editing as best I could on the way), she asked where that story was from, and I said you, and she said "What!?", and I explained a _link_ from you, and she said OK, and we agreed the startle was from the prose style not matching your standard.

The two "Twilight Zone"s I remember best are both super-creepy and neurotic (the plastic surgery episode from the original series, and "A Little Peace and Quiet" from the later series), but again the why is manifestly evident.

"Number 12 Looks Just Like You", Ray! I called it out as one of the original series episodes I remember.

Meanwhile, I was delighted to discover that the Wikipedia page for "I of Newton", a revival series episode in which mathematician George Jefferson accidentally summons the demonic Shepherd Book, has a list of the Devil's t-shirts. "Hell is a City Much Like Newark", indeed.

Ben: Excellent point re: the true PKD outcome. I like it. It reminds me (as many things do) of the "Ultimate Machine" that Claude Shannon made -- when you turn it on, a hand reaches out, flips the switch back to the off position, and retracts. The end.

Matt: I have a curious feeling it would not entirely stand up to re-watching.

Ray: On the other hand, I'd be delighted if my standard for photos matched those surly, surly pictures.

Steve: I was thinking "Eye of the Beholder," the one that might as well be titled "They're All Pig-Faced."

Alternate title: "Like 'Number 12 Looks Just Like You', But Stupider". At least it featured Elly Mae Clampett.

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