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There's no crying in baseball!

Aw. I spent time crying at songs that weren't really that sad as well as tv commercials of people who had minor problems.

My own motto: a little disproportionate crying can be salutary. For that matter, so can a little beer.

When a sales clerk starts the mandatory add-on questions, my own husband stands nearby trying not to cringe. Sometimes he jockeys for position at the register, because he is so uncomfortable with my pleasant but brief series of negatives.

Often there is a startled pause after the "No," especially when the exchange is like today's:
Clerk [flatly and without question mark]: Okay, can I have your zip code.
Elsa [smiling pleasantly]: No.

Jennifer: I should work on shifting my surplus weeping to sentimental subjects instead of feeling sorry for myself, I think! It seems less emotionally taxing. Maybe I need to watch more tv commercials.

Elsa: If nothing else, the one helps to excrete surplus... stuff? and the other adds iron. I think saying "no" is salutary as well.

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