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Kids have such a poor grasp of proper price points.

A case for early economics instruction.

What a wretched story.

The word itself always sounded like a good straightforward word to me. The indelible message, though, really brings out what distinguishes sexism from other resentments and oppressions. In a useless nerdy way I could kinda track other aspects of the junior high pecking order. But what in the world linked comfort and pleasure to contempt and persecution? Was it just that any difference is an attackable difference? Was it just so Jimmy Watkins could write something other than "Jimmy Watkins likes whores", or even "Jimmy Watkins might be a whore", as with the graffiti aimed at the class's male cocksucker?

Whatever it is, it doesn't disappear after seventh grade. The single most disillusioning experience of my first week among America's elite was hearing a couple of very privileged eighteen-year-olds plan a trip to Villanova to find girls "stupid enough to fuck."

Here's wishing Helga and all of us much better company.

Ray: Ugh ugh ugh. How charming.

I think the fifty-cent blowjob story must be an urban legend, only because I've heard it before someplace. (And really, it's implausibly cheap these days - less than a candy bar.) I say this only because it's kind of awful, and I'm happier believing it's not true.

It's very possible that you heard it from me before, but I won't dwell too heavily on the question, lest I disturb your happier disbelief.

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