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And so began the tradition of the Christmas Sawhorse. I didn't take any photos this Xmas, not even of the old, somewhat tattered copy of Quo Vadis that was one of my grandmom's rather random gifts.

Hello sawhorse! I love you toooooo! Happy happy 2010!

Horses: who will do it? out of manes? Words
Will do it, out of manes, out of airs, but
They have no manes, so there are no airs, birds
Of words, from me to them no singing gut.
For they have no eyes, for their legs are wood,
For their stomachs are logs with print on them,
Blood-red, red lamps hang from necks or where could
Be necks, two legs stand A, four together M.
"Street Closed" is what print says on their stomachs...

Drew: Good work, keep up the side. Side photo fail!

Liz: There is no love so pure as the love between woman and sawhorse. Says me.

Ray: Paul is going to hunt me down like a dog, now, isn't he?

My hope for the New Year is that meeting you, Snark, and Da Bump will melt the old crab's heart. (Legal advisor: Frank Capra.)

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