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I would totally touch your bump.

It sounds very enticing.

The only time I ever touched someone's bump was when a coworker grabbed my hand and pressed it against her, exclaiming, "There! She's kicking!". I snatched my hand back as quickly as possibly. You're safe from me.

In this picture you are the image of glowing, beatnik motherhood. Get thee to a coffeehouse.

I would totally listen to you blither about your research.

Be thankful no one's touching your bump! I couldn't go to the store or ride the train without a total stranger laying an unwelcome hand on my pregnant midsection and cooing. Very unnerving.

Jessamyn: Big talk!

Ben: Yammering? Being an avatar of the miracle of life? Torso touching?

Amy: I promise never ever to grab your hand and press it against me.

Ray: Hooray. I would happily have you blither back at me.

Iheartfashion: Oh, believe me, I am very thankful indeed. So very thankful.

Touching of bumps immediately triggered this in my mind:
"He showed us his stump, Victoria. Ever see a man's stump? Guy's like, 'Go on, man. I want you to know how it feels. Touch it. Touch my stump.' Disgusting! So don't tell us that Bucky Haight wasn't shot, cause we were there. We touched his stump."

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