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how could you leave out that vlurma's husband was named titus!

"Danger" sounds unlucky to me. How about the traditional alternative, "Trouble"? Like "Smith" and "Baker," it allows for single-word business cards.

I always thought "Fidgets" would be a beautiful name for a girl.

And speaking of "Titus", Shakespeare's always an acceptable source, and "Lychorida" and "Volumnia" don't suffer from overexposure.

"Danger" and "Trouble" are both rather Cory Doctorow, no?

I actually kind of like Facility.



I like Facility as well.

I see my attempt helpfully to close Edward's tag booted nothing.

How long is the list of serious options? If it's shorter than, say, eight, I recommend using them all. Why have three names when you can have ten?

There we go. Sorry to have left that tag gaping open for so long.

Say, here's a late contender: What do you think of Blimunda?

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