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The kimchi motif in the whole story is delightful. I like to think that the card identifying you as a kimchi lover was the final bit of impetus (added to the student's natural uprightness and goodwill) that got him to turn the purse in promptly.

(Also, to the extent that people have burbled annoyingly at you about 'pregnancy brain' making you stupid, in my experience there was some effect of that sort in late pregnancy, but it was all this sort of ditsiness, rather than any academic sort of slowdown. So blame it on gestation and bask in the knowledge that you'll be returning to your normal razor-sharpness any day now.)

This is a pretty excellent sequence of events. Also, I have to say, I like kimchi and love quesadillas, but I never would have thought to combine the two, so my mind has been verily blown by that culinary escapade.

In summary, this reminds me that I have not been out for some Korean bbq or bim bim bop in agesssssss.

I too am ready to love Korea.

I love Korea on your behalf. Also Kimchi, but that is not news.

In somewhat related news, I hunted down your braised baby savoy cabbage plus fried egg recipe last night. It was as beautifully delicious as your pictures.

Congratulations on the return of your purse!

At first I was all "Oog" about kimchi and quesadillas but then I remembered salsa on quesadillas and cabbage on fish tacos so now I'm like all "Maybe."

Our neighborhood boasts a Korean-Mexican burrito place, but this isn't on their menu.

I was about to say you should see the new Alain Resnais movie Wild Grass, but then I remembered that it isn't very good. But there are some interesting similarities between it and this anecdote. Can these coincidences be . . . coincidental? If the person from Korea who found your purse is named Georges, please be wary.

i like this story! i have not been able to find kimchi that wasn't full of oysters and salted shrimp: it was in all the brands on 32nd street (do you know ny koreantown block? it is worth investigating). what do you buy? there is hippie kimchi at the coop, which is also good, but a totally different thing.

new york's koreatown block, i meant.

LB: Good advice. Also, I have a feeling, on reflection, that I actually lost the bag from the car on account of how much harder it is to see what is going on below my waist than it would normally be, on account of the intervening comic watermelon. So really I can't be held responsible at all.

Drew: Yes! Try the quesadillas. They are awesome.

K-sky: Finger guns.

Mum: Indeed.

Samantha: Oh, it has been too long since I've made braised cabbage, but I do love it so.

Ray: Seriously, cheese and kimchi get along oddly well -- strange but true. If you try it, please report back.

Fillyjonk: Ha! Fortunately not in the least like Georges. But, you know, it's always good to be on guard.

Aleza: I buy... no-name stuff in a plastic bag from the Korean market fridge? Probably it has unmentioned fish sauce in it, to which I close my eyes, but no visible or labeled actual fish bits. But the likelihood that there's plenty of hidden fish inside makes me think I should get more into making my own. (Of course going too far down that road gets you to an obsessive place with special kimchi refrigerators, etc.)

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