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Wowie zowie! Congratulations, Redfox, Snarkout, baby Cassandra!


It's mole! Yay!


Adorable! Congratulations.


Congrats! She's beautiful. I love your name choice. I have always wanted to name my daughter Cassandra.

This is SOME BABY.

Yayyyyyyyyyy! Can't wait to meet her in person. Not sure exactly when that'll happen, but hopefully sometime soon!

Welcome MOLE! Hooray.

She looks delicious. Um, wait, wrong adjective. Delightfully MOLE-tastic! And such a lovely name! In short: I approve.

She is so lovely. *swoons*


Yay! Made in Cleveland!

It's a nubbin! Please nibble on her fat little cheeks for me!

The cutest and surely least MOLEy baby ever. Congratulations, she's lovely!

So pretty! Those huge, thoughtful, clever eyes... Congratulations!

Delurking to say congratulations! In bizarre blogosphere synchronicity I also expelled a 6lb 5 oz infant on March 2 but on the other side of the Atlantic and your post showed up on my reader when I got back to the ward.


Oh, I hoped it would be mole! She's lovely. I'm glad to hear things went well.

Jay Cee!

Mole indeed, and look at those alert eyes.

Congratulations! Welcome to the "mother-ship," the ride of a lifetime, Vera!
Jane Cassandra is as beautiful as her name. And in this enlightened era I have to ask, what is her last name? Love to you and your family!

Here from your food blog and delurking to say congrats! Love her name, and so cute! We just had our first in November. I'll forgive you for mentioning the four hours part...that's how long I spent pushing after spending the whole day in labor! ;-) He was worth every frustrating minute of it.

Enjoy her! They really don't stay newborns for long, which I knew going into it but didn't expect the time to go so quickly, but then you trade in tiny sleepy snuggliness for exponentially increasing amounts of fun.

Congratulations to you both!

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