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Japanese for "baby," if you break it into component parts, is "little red," or perhaps "redlet."

And they are about the size of your pinkie (finger).

Also because in Adam's Rib it was Spencer Tracy's nickname and Spencer Tracy habitually chewed on his hand (along with the rest of the scenery) and it was also Katherine Hepburn's nickname and Katherine Hepburn had a very alert look.

And because, when they scream at the top of their lungs, they are not entirely dissimilar from Pinky Perelmuth, a/k/a Jan Peerce.

WHAT are those creatures?

They're pinkies! This is also the source of Pinky's name in Pinky and the Brain.

Not within P&tB canon, apparently, but surely in the real world creation of the characters.

Jane Cassandra continues to dazzle. My sons and I watched Pinkie and the Brain every day for two years and we are fine.

My middle brother and I decided to call my youngest brother Pinky because he looked so pink when he was born. (Also, we had a book about two little pigs called Pinky and Porky who lived in the British countryside and loved to eat blackberry pie.) My mother had a time getting us to start calling him by his real name.

They're pinkies!

How grim.

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