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I love this post so much!


Crumbs. Vivid. Feel as if I'd experienced it myself now.

Look at Jane's lovely mouth! That is a pretty child. A little netsuke figurine.

Super job, Redfox! I am impressed, and Jane is gorgeous.

*weepy happy*

So great in so many ways. Very similar to Andrea's experience, except we played Mario Party. So happy for you all.

Yay! I love birth stories, largely because I never have to do that again either.

That's a lovely story red! Jane is so adorable. Your description of being half-splayed and never wanting to move sounds very similar to my last experience. What a wonder to watch your little girl come into this world. <3

That was terrific. And such a pretty baby.

Super amazingly great. Also weepy. You are awesome, just like the baby.

Oh yay!

Wow and ow.

She is lovely! You are awe-inspiring and deserving of a gold star! And I personally love the idea of prolactin leaking from your eyes, though not reported in any of the scientific journals I actually think that is one of the best theories yet.

Great post, gorgeous baby. Thanks for sharing!

How perfectly lovely to end this messy, vivid tale of Aaaiaaiiiiaaeeeeblurgh! with a photo of a beautiful serene baby. Congratulations!

Both of you are way more lovely even than any otter, by far.

Hooray! What a beautiful little lady.

Congratulations, and Welcome to Jane!

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