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The 4 am nonsense does taper off eventually, and the "can we bottle today" just happens more and more often. The first few months are rough, but the payoff is massively satisfying. In my experience, 8 months to 20 months have been awesome, and better every month.

And we just bit our kid's nails for her when she was tiny.

One of the other regulars came past our table, on crutches because of some recent back surgery, and said, "Oh, I didn't realize you had a baby hidden in your shirt!"

Hah -- exactly this is why I push the sling so hard. I spent Newt's first six months chasing two-year-old Sally around a playground with Newt in the sling, and got a bunch of doubletakes: "Wait, that's a baby? I thought you just had a big purse." It was very easy and snuggly.

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