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I feel this way about beets.

So what is the difference between the terrible itchy wool that I hate and the soft loving wool you rave about?

I wanted to work "Teutonic tits" into a comment just because I so rarely have the occasion to do so, and this seemed like an appropriate moment.

Jessamyn: Beets are exactly the kind of thing. I wish I had a big jar of pickled beets and eggs (I know the second half will not appeal to everyone!) in our fridge right now.

Heebie: I think the difference is a product of (a) the type of wool involved, and (b) how it's treated. A knit sweater made of tightly twisted yarn from a coarse-wooled sheep will be scritchy. Fluffy soft fine merino all infused with lanolin will not be. Felting also makes wool less scratchy, though I bet if you felted a coarse enough variety it would still feel unpleasant. Being totally untreated seems to help too -- think of a nice soft sheepskin rug.

Pesty: Every day is children's Teutonic tits day!

Yet surely Unity spent most of her time snugly encased in wool tweed. Have you seen those pictures of the teenage Jessica and Debo looking like upholstered kittens?

Incidentally, thanks for extolling wool. And previously, cabbage. I find this strangely satisfying.

Oh those felted slippers are gorgeous! My current slippers were a Christmas present (from someone who should know better) and are two giant ladybirds with smiley faces.

I'd rather have a gamine pair like yours. Must investigate the link.

Ali X

Beets have been fashionable, after a, erm, fashion. Chioggia beets, specifically.

I wish I had a big jar of pickled beets and eggs in our fridge right now.


Also, please direct me to upholstered Mitford kitten pix!

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