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Thanks for the notice -- that looks very much worth watching. It looks a little difficult to find (particularly based on its sharing its name with a popular line of perfume) but I will keep my eye out. Speaking of insane French movies, have you seen Buñuel's "The Phantom of Liberty"? There is much to love about it.

Oh wait, I see -- the name that is the same as a perfume is the name of the post, not of the movie... Got to the bottom of the pictures and forgot key bits of the text!

Yes! There is a L'Air du Temps pun in the movie that prompted the title of the post, not that there was any way for you to learn that from what I wrote, alas.

I'm afraid I'm always exceptionally satisfied with myself, but I will add this to my proof of superpowers! ;) (I should admit that I am a former librarian, though.) Now I am dying to know which ones you haven't read.

I'm very glad you liked this so much -- I always get a big kick out of it myself, although I'm told that it sets some people's teeth on edge. Sadly, I haven't enjoyed Rivette's other movies to the same extent, but this one is long enough to count as a good career in itself.

In a less proto-goth more proto-punk vein of girls-gone-wild, have you ever seen Daisies? Again, I've learned to be careful about how strongly I recommend it, but since it seems to provoke similar negative reactions, it might also overlap on positives.

I'll try to remember to go through and pull out the ones I haven't read. (This is something I should do anyway, because otherwise how will I remember to read them?)

Ray, I knew knew KNEW you would have seen and enjoyed Céline et Julie. I haven't seen Daisies, but it looks pretty great. I'll put it on my list.

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