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is "'Chicken Soup with Rice," the song" a setting-to-music of the Maurice Sendak book? (I assume yes, do not know it.)

xox Ana Ng xox

Modesto Kid: Yes! Performed by Carole King, in Really Rosie.

Jennifer: Specifically, the bit that goes "They don't need me here and I know you're there" sent me right over the edge.


Wow: that sounds extraordinary.

Keep plugging away at the sling -- proper baby insertion is a knack. It's easy once you get the hang of it (assuming you have a baby that likes being slung), but I remember finding it difficult at first until it clicked. (We were lucky to have a loopy hippie woman with a slightly older baby living in a downstairs apartment, brimming over with advice on babywearing and increasing milk supply, whether needed or not. She was a lovely person, but goofy.)

(Also, looking at the things that have reduced you to tears -- if you're still having trouble with the baby's nails, nibbling them off works well, with no risk of injury to the baby. A bit gross, but as the only useful bit of advice to be handed down from my otherwise dreadful grandmother, I feel that I should pass it on.)

Drew: The old crotchety decrepit Bruce of Batman Beyond (in a JLU cameo), to be precise.

LB: Yes, I am in love with the sling, and will try nail nibbling. Mmmm, baby nails.

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