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Jane needs to send a memo to her birthday twin Freddie who seems stuck on a sleep/wail cycle and bypassing quiet alertness entirely meaning I have not even wittered on on baby issues on my blog let alone things of greater interest since he was born.

I support any and all endeavors that prevent the losing of shit.

[this is good]

I am happy to indulge non-baby topics at any time (especially if they involve grousing and/about academia). But all bets are off if I hear Jane cooing in the background.

Ooo, sounds very nice. And you have the shameless flirting with strangers stage yet to look forward to!

That'll be when she's around 16, right?

As a not-baby-mad internet stranger who involuntarily emitted a small coo when I scrolled down and saw the photo of The Baby in Question, I urge you not to shut up about your baby.

See, Elsa is objective. Like me. No need to veer away from this riveting topic.

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