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My unending battles with my stupid institution's stupid institutional review board have made me hypersensitive to the subject- but I am very curious to know if the original permissions here included a release for uploading the videos to YouTube. They probably did. They probably didn't even have a problem getting that permission. Probably every other IRB in the world will sign off on anything, and makes it very easy to do research and publish the research and allow other people to look at the research. I am so sorely used.

A friend of ours is a professional linguist, which has made her motherhood more entertaining for us as well as for her (and presumably her young 'uns).

Oooh, rainbow-shirt boy made it! I was rooting for him.

Rainbow-shirt boy is enormously sympathetic, but I have to say I rather admire the little ginger girl who has it halfway down her gullet while the researcher is still in the room.

I hadn't seen that before - just great. I was fond of the fidgety twins.

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