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I love the sandals. I like that it's open toe without exposing too much of the toe, you know what I mean?

Mysterious hard poky bits on new shoes can often be filed down to smoothness with an emery board, if you had one about the house.

Do the superheroes come shooting out of your eyes, or do you gaze at them, and they die at once, but ordinary people are unscathed?

Adriana: Not only do I know what you mean, it is EXACTLY what I had been telling Steve I specially liked about them around five minutes before you commented.

LB: Clever! I of course have several emery boards, for the purpose of not filing my baby's fingernails.

Mum: The superheroes come shooting out of your eyes. ZAP! SUPERHERO'D!

It's funny because Doctorow is himself a hack.

I suggest "off-label", after the practice of prescribing pharmaceuticals for uses for which they are not approved.

It's been a while, but my last stroke of complete genius was negotiating a fair conclusion to the banana peeling war (coincidentally egged on by Cory Doctorow). If you prefer bananas on the underripe side, pinching from the bottom is fast and tidy whereas trying to snap the top will lead to a fruitless wrestling match. If you prefer bananas on the overripe side, snapping the top is fast and tidy whereas trying to pinch from the bottom will smear you with nasty black seedy goo. No need to argue, fellas, just choose your bananas wisely.

NO. Pinching the bottom is always correct! I have video to prove it!

My last stroke of complete genius involved unix domain sockets! It was (to be honest) fairly trivial, actually, but I still find it satisfying.

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