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That is a remarkably cute picture of Jane. Please continue your series of You Call That News? It makes the notion of raising children much less terrifying than how I feel after reading mommy blogs.

I completely agree. Mine eats and sleeps when he wants to and doesn't when he doesn't want to, and nothing seems to persuade him to act otherwise.

This is a good website for trying to spot a pattern, especially for sleep: http://www.trixietracker.com/ I used an app for my phone for months before that, but it didn't have the visualization aspect that Trixie Tracker has, which was exactly what I'd been wishing the one on my phone would do.

However, I don't recommend starting it just as your five-and-a-half month old decides sleeping through the night while teething is overrated. I'm not sure I needed to be able to visualize the demolition of what schedule we did have.

Elizabeth: Thank you! I very much like being able to feel like an ambassador from the nation of Parenthood Is Maybe Okay After All.

Jessica: Ooh, that looks handy. And ooh, in the opposite emotional valence, re: schedule demolition. I fear the dark spectre of teething and the havoc it will wreak on our happy sleeping times.

We never got the hang of any kind of schedule other than sleeping at night until the kids were quite old, but it didn't seem to be a problem -- total surrender to whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it, seemed to be a reasonable way of coping with the infant period. And oh, she is charming looking alertly out of her sling.

(Also teething? Not necessarily a problem. We sort of breezed through it without any fussing that we were certain was teeth related. This was pure luck, of course, but it's at least a possibility.)

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