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It's actually "Tucumcari"; normally I wouldn't nitpick but it's just such a great name.

Hey! You're here? Welcome!

Ooh, thanks. I'll fix it now!

Cool -- do you bring containers to be filled up by the water machine? I'm picturing a line of young mothers carrying buckets and pitchers to the village well in an old Goytisolo short story.

Since then, this will be the fifth

Suddenly last year, I had been living in a house for longer than I lived in the house where I grew up. That was pretty startling.

LADWP water is very, very good. If it tastes bad then you should have your pipes checked out. The water machine is a cynical ploy to market water to people from countries where they could not count on reliable water.

Oh dear. I wondered what it was for -- I thought maybe it was just left over from an earlier time when... something. We're actually in SB, but the water here is perfectly good too.

I live in a different part of London to Ms Whoopee so have a different variety of marvellous aroma types - equally obnoxious mind. I'd rather have the types with permanently nice weather though!

I'm surprised you find the tap water in SB to be decent*; LA's water is great because they have access to mountain water, whereas generally water on the southern coast (I was born in SB and then moved up to Pismo) is awful tasting. We used those water machines every week.

And hurray, for enjoying the luxury that is the central coast. It's really a marvelous place to live.

*Then again, it's been a long time since I've had it.

Welcome to your new home!

And OH thank you for the link the the Marvelous Aroma people. I hate everybody!

Parenthetical, here is my revised review of SB water: it tastes... okay, I guess. Not great. Mainly it is VERY VERY HARD oh my lord, so hard. Everything is already slowly hazing over with the deposits, and we are afraid to make coffee until we get a Brita filter lest the machine become entirely rigid with scale instantly.

Sounds like SLO county - you pretty much have to install a water softener to save your small appliances, or do the bottled/filtered water route. And it tastes like you're always drinking out of a metal cup, which I presume means there is lots of good minerals in there for you, or something.

Good luck with it!

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