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You know that I will want a copy of this book. Seriously. This is awesome!

This is tremendous and strange! I think you should just be matter-of-fact with it. Depict the knife deep inside the cake. Maybe it's already sliced away a bit. Maybe there should be some frosting.

:) - Marissa Flaxbart

I am reminded of a particularly loathsome trick in Penn and Teller's "How to Play with Your Food", involving a cake that vomited gloppy red goo when sliced. But she is not that sort of cake! She is curranty.

Thanks, I did not know this poem. Reminds me a bit of "The Owl and the Pussycat", which I am strongly in favor of having things remind me of. Your cartooning goes well with it, with this poem. I too am putting in my request for a copy of this, of this book.

she is curranty

Fortunate that -- the knife can take little love nips at her betrothed and not have to worry about disemboweling him. (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- I mean it's a totally normal piece of a knife's relationship with a cake to destroy it, sort of a praying-mantis type of thing... I mean whatever the cake is into I guess but it seems to me like there's nothing but heartache ahead for those two. Heartache and cake!)

pull-quote for the back cover -- "«Heartache and cake!» raves The Modesto Kid"

Well, the light is tastefully growing dim in the poem, and crumbs are sort of whirling about in the tropical air. Perhaps the actual participants are off camera.

These are great! I hadn't any idea you were such a nimble illustrator. I love your drawings.

This is great. The cake will need to take its sail off obviously.

On a field, sable, the letter a single currant.

just cut to a shot of curtains billowing by an open window.

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