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Uncompromising, enterprising, anything but tranquilizing, right-on mauve.

It was the best butter.

"I love you a dozen" and "I love you, Scrub Brush" sound like they're directly lifted from our household patter.

... though "I love you a dozen" would seem a little scant, given our industry standard "I love you a million."

Ray: But mauve, unlike Maude, is a bit tranquilizing, I think.

Kevin: "I love you, broken pocket watch."

Elsa: They really do! We rarely would go so far as to confess that we loved one another a million (how stingy of us!) but we do often admit to "six... teen... hundred... and nine... ty three."

Well, we are technically newlyweds... graying, decrepit newlyweds. By the time we've been together a few more year, I'm sure we'll be doling out the I Love Yous more stintingly.

And, as my loving sister mentioned once, "You know that you guys make the rest of us want to barf, right? Okay."

I should clarify: the "I love you, Tarantino/I love you, toolkit/I love you, monster truck" game and "I love you a million" stuff, we confine to home.

The barf-making behavior was, I think, that we quietly enjoy sitting next to each other at family gatherings (though that's as much for the sake of strength-in-numbers as it is for sheer besottedness), and that we have occasionally been spotted holding hands when we thought ourselves unobserved. To a couple of two or three decades, I imagine that looks pretty sappy.

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