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Did you Frontline (vel sim.) Nemo or just flea bath? Fleas tend to go away once they are deprived of a snuggly creature on whom to live.
I recommend repeated viewings of "Baby Monkey (Backwards on a Pig)."

Yeah, we used the latest thing in the Advantage/Frontline/whatever line. Begone, fleasies! I suppose that baby monkey probably has fleas, too.

Yeesh, what a week. If your guests are still around tomorrow and are willing to be entertained by odd creatures, take them to the tidepool touch-tanks on campus. Also there are lovely birds on the west-campus slough. It's a little early, but the monarch butterfly refuge may be starting to be exciting.

And next week we can show you the mold that is aggressively colonizing our bedroom walls, to make you feel better about the Is it is or is it ain't a shithole? question.

Oh boy, mold!

Well at least you don't have bedbugs too.

Indeed. IT'S MOLE!

Betty: Believe me, I am very very glad indeed that this is the case.

GB: I was just going to say!

My talk seemed to go over pretty well, and, more importantly, now it is over with. Thank god. Now I can eat some ramen and have a drink.

I was thinking about sending cake, but I suspected that both the occasion and the cake would be stale before it arrived. A drink is really more to the point anyhow. Glad the talk went well.

There were 4 stinkbugs on my bed when I came in last night. I hoped the colder weather would do them in, but it seems that they have just decided to move indoors.

It is indeed stinkbug season here -- hopefully the latter stages. They move inside looking for a warm place to hibernate/spend the winter. We have probably exterminated over 300 in the past couple of weeks. Their stink smells like cilantro to me.

Nooooo, not the fleas! And the overstaying guests! Doom! Can you set the fleas on the guests, and kill the proverbial two birds?

We seem to have bred some superfleas that are impervious to usual flea killing toxins. Which is great. They don't seem to have infested the baby, though. Yet.

I fear we probably do live in a squalid fleahole. But we're British, so maybe that's okay.

i have lice, since we are sharing

I cannot tell you how cheering all this news of all your own pestilences is. Bugs, MOLE, squalor, hooray! We are not alone.

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