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The first brush is the loveliest.

It always makes me happy to go to craft fairs and see people selling artisanal brooms. Something I never would have thought of in a million years, and that sounds silly when I say it; but they are lovely. I like that whisk broom that nestles into the dust pan.

I have the bottom brush too.

It's the twiggy middle brush that floats my boat. So attractively free of intertwined hair, sticky crumbs and god knows what.

Streamlined moderne No. 1 makes me yearn to grab it & get to work!

How kind and indulgent you all are! I really do have a special fondness for brooms and brushes, and it is a pleasure to have it echoed back to me.

The first one fits in the hand wonderfully and does have a certain (non-fascist) Vorticism to it. The bottom one that Betty also has is cunning, the way it fits into its own dust pan, and also has very well chosen bristles for its mandated task of brushing crumbs off a table--just soft enough without being uselessly floppy. And Nellig, I in fact bought the twiggy middle one precisely because its predecesor was so obnoxiously unwilling to surrender its clinging stash of hair and crumbs and tenacious lint wads.

Where do you find such wonderfully appealing utilitarian objects?

Also, tell dream Jane I almost choked on my sesame cracker.

I sense a coffee-table book in the making... Sweepers and Scrubbers: Floored by Passion. Or somesuch.

And glad to see Jane is developing her 'street' language. ALways useful.

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