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I wonder what my sister would think if I bought this for her son.

Know what you mean about the whole self-produced gifts issue.

But this looks kind of gorgeous. I'm comforted that a new generation will get to know Mervyn Peake's poems. And how cool will it be in a few decades when the dog-eared, slightly foxed copies, with their delicious patina of thumbprints, faint jam-stains and tea-drips, are treasured possessions and furtive comfort-reading for their owners.

I'm sure I could say something interesting about giving the gift of something you made yourself, if I really tried, but the more important issue here is that photos #2 and #3 would make an excellent creeping-hand animated GIF. Book is nice and all, but your readers need more animated GIFs!

Merry Christmas! I knew you'd love a copy of my self-published airport novel in which Harry Potter and a beautiful violet-eyed new student at Hogwarts uncover a conspiracy that links Opus Dei with radical libertarian terrorism and my cat, Mr. Snugglebottom. (Spoilers!)


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