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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

These are my favorite books. Have you read them before? I find that the quality stays delightful through Cold Shoulder Road, but then falls off substantially with the last two. Not so much that I don't re-read them semiannually, but noticeably less good.

Also explore The Serial Garden.

This is so odd...because I do something very similar when going to sleep, and have since I was small.
There was a picture of Winken, Blinken, and Nod in my child's Garden of Verses, sailing through a starry sky, sleeping in a wooden shoe-which was the beginning.
There are always eiderdowns and the vehicles include a painted gypsy caravan/circus wagon, with a fitted shelf bed, a horsedrawn sleigh in a Narnia type winter landscape, and a magic carpet-all are cozy, but also adventuresome.
Do you think this is a common practice of people dozing off? Is it genetic? So funny that neither of us even mentioned it to the other before!

Hurrah for bathtubs! I trust you indulged in repeated bubbly deliciousness?

And I do the dropping off to sleep thing too - though it's usually a kind of large car/caravan type thing that we're all in, rather than anything as imaginative as a giant hot air balloon or sailing shoe.

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