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Those bows are prodigious! Happy birthday to Jane!

What is a Christmas bicycle? Happy birthday to Jane! A momentous birthday, this passing from zero to one.

Oh I see, a bicycle that one receives as a Christmas present.

I just hope you said "Kid, this ain't your night" as you put the hats away.

Dogear pages and underline important phrases. Or maybe even random ones. "Esquimo."

I like the curvaceous contours of those scissors. Yowza.

You can eat most of her cake while she's napping and leave just a wedge to put a candle on. Triangles are more interesting than circles, anyway.

Happy Birthday Jane from her birth day companion Freddie!

What more could a birthday baby ask for, than two such fetchingly behatted parents?

I now get hives at the sight of construction paper.

It's card stock! Because I'm a lunatic.

Happy birthday, Jane!

We had way more hats than there were people willing to wear them, but they've turned out to be a favorite toy for the three months that have passed since his party, and they do occasionally get accidentally destroyed, so it's worked out.

Truly excellent pictures! Happy birthday Miss Jane, and a congratulatory toast to the parents on this happy day. Chin-chin gin-gin!

Happy birthday, Jane, you hatless waif!

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