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I don't feel like that's what makes it feel cinematic. Maybe it's that it looks like the kind of shot movies used to use to flaunt their deep focus, back when deep focus wasn't available to all.

There is something very formal about the distant relationship of Jane and the cupcake. "Figure in Festive Hat and Nom"?

The bright yellows add a pleasing touch of Tim Burton.

I like the way Jane looks straight-backed and yes, formal. But festive. And strikingly pretty, as usual.

Yes!- That's it, Nellig- it's the mustard yellow that makes it truly great. (Well, and the beautiful face, but that's in all the photos.)I think I need a good sized proper print for my wall (as opposed to the bulletin board and fridge where the rest are displayed in profusion). I'm going to see about doing that.

And the dual frivolity of hat and cupcake.

I think I should stop now.

I think the last shot looks like a scene from a film by Luis Buñuel.

I feel like Philip Seymour Hoffman is about to enter, stage right.

There's an Alice in Wonderland-y feel to it. In the film, Jane would definitely be the benevolent, though admitedly eccentric, dictator of said Wonderland.

It's a truly great photo - you have every right to be ridiculously pleased with it. Nom!!

Both Jane and the cupcake look like they're looking up at something or someone unexpected that will prove to be quite exciting exactly three seconds after this still. Whatever the movie is, I believe the cupcake must be sentient.

Maybe that's what took my son so long to taste his, and his hesitancy to do more than poke it with one finger even after tasting the joy of lemon-flavored Swiss meringue. I feel like a cupcake killer now.

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