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It is well known that the Jew eschew the rifle in favor of poisons.

Cossacks, though, are totally rifle-ready.

I'm glad this has been noted for posterity. I've cracked up again thinking about it several times since the party. You can come again.


Peter: You gotta help me Brian. Teach me how to be a gentleman.

Brian: Well, Peter, it's not really that hard. Let's start with polite conversation. For example, 'It's a pleasure to see you again. Lovely weather we're having.' Now you try.

Peter: 'It's a pleasure to see you again. After Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane got his skull crushed in by a friend who videotaped him having rough sex.' How's that?

Brian: Wow. Perfect. My work is done. But just for the heck of it, let's try it again.

there's a mashup in here, somewhere. i'm sure of it.

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