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From this angle, it appears that she is eating with her foot.

Although people generally have 5 toes, none of which are opposable. But I do see what you mean.

Jane is clearly awesome. EATING BABY ZOMG etc

I have nothing productive to say, but just look at that awesome.

This would not be as diminutive a viewer as you have in mind. You could place your GIFs on an iPod Touch (or an iPhone, or,even more to carry around, an iPad.)

1. Install the free app “Readdle Docs” on your device.

2. Launch the app. At the bottom of the page, select Browser.

3. In the address window, type the URL for the image you want to load (in the present instance: http://mlkshk.com/r/28ZJ.)

4. Hit GO. Soon the image will appear, small, animated. At the bottom of this page, select Save. Then. the button Save Current Page will appear. Hit that button.

5. A screen appears, giving you the opportunity to rename the file if you wish.

6. Hit Done. A Downloading thermometer appears. When that goes away, select Exit at the bottom of the screen.

7. A new screen appears. At the bottom of the page, select Documents.

8. A list of your documents (if any) comes up. There will appear in this list the image file you just downloaded, bearing whatever name you assigned. Hit the icon.

9. Voilà. Young Jane, munching.

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see also: the hungry tiger

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