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While I'm boring you with this sort of thing

Even for someone's who's never met Jane, this developmental documentation/glimpse of her personality is NOT boring. Noing! Noing!

I love your spin on baby development. It's not a tantrum, it's art!

Ah, a budding musician. How...potentially professionally unfortunate. Investment banking is far more lucrative. The question is, how to determine if there is interest/aptitude at this point?

Personally, I love them toes peeking out. And everything else in the picture.

Clearly it was an extended performance of Tristan Tzara's ROAR, which is still in progress.

Elsa and Elizabeth: you are both very kind. Oh, and actually I think it WAS (is, will be) teething (tantrum-art), as four (FOUR) new incipient tooth lumps have appeared simultaneously. This is going to be exciting.

R: That is an excellent question. So far we have limited ourselves to throwing pitch pipes and lots of music in her path. We should probably include some discounted cash flow valuations, just to keep her options open.

David: Charming delightful and delicious.

Oh dear heavens, I just overdosed on the cuteness! The cub is adorable!

Dammit you two, she is so CUTE! Why don't you live here in MD any more so I could bask in that cuteness?

She is adorable!

She is so cute. A parents happiness when they hear their baby start to talk,their first word.

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