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Honestly, the T's operating hours are pretty amateur subway. Midnight? Are you fucking kidding me?

YAY! I endorse more frequent & more careless posts!

The T seems so clean it's like a model toy subway. I'm struck by that every time I visit.

Regarding amateurishness - even the New York trains are not "professional" enough to galumph obliviously over flaming litter. I think your fellow passenger may have had unrealistic expectations.

The T's problem is cronyism rather than amateurishness. A sweetheart deal with the New England whaling industry resulted in the legal requirement that all rail tracks within the commonwealth be lubricated with spermaceti. As a result, in VERY HOT weather the trains have to travel over what's effectively one long high-efficiency oil lamp.

Amatuer subway indeed! I say, having grown up in Boston, now living in New York.

In reference to track fires, I offer you this memorable ad from the MTA a few years ago, which indeed blames track fires on litter: http://iwantpink.blogspot.com/2007/06/i-mean-im-no-grammar-genious-but-im.html

You wonderful people DO know about this burning track business! Bless you. (No doubt the combination of litter and spermaceti is positively explosive.) And I kind of love that run-on sentence advertisement, exactly as it is.

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