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I would be more concerned about the fact that it's apparently evil.

My first thought, too, ben: I mean, it says so right there. It's one thing when products try to sneak a little evil in, but to include it in the product description? That's some shamelessly evil baby wash.

This is awesome.

"Hash bath." Hee. "My hands...they can touch everything EXCEPT THEMSELVES."

When I press my two hands together, it is not a matter of two sensations felt together as one perceives two objects side by side, but of an ambiguous set-up in which both hands can alternate the roles of "touching" and being "touched". What was meant by talking about "double sensations" is that, in passing form one role to the other, I can identify the hand touched as the same one which will in a moment be touching. In other words, in this bundle of bones and muscles which my right hand presents to my left, I can anticipate for an instant the integument or incarnation of that other right hand, alive and mobile, which I thrust toward things in order to explore them. The body catches itself from the outside engaged in a cognitive process; it tries to touch itself while being touched, and initiates "a kind of reflection" which is sufficient to distinguish it from objects, of which I can indeed say that they "touch" my body, but only when it is inert, and therefore without ever catching it unawares in its exploratory function. Doncha know.

This post cracked me up.

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