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not just your mother! Heart now firmly in mouth here.

G&S have said this sort of thing happens fairly commonly in West Campus, with the hammered young person supplied by IV rather than by City College. In fairness, West Campus must be an extremely confusing place to be very drunk, what with all the identical condo clusters. Nonetheless: AAAAAH.


Steve was very, very brave to behave as he did with the intruder. I applaud him. As for not locking the door after putting the cat out, that is another matter. However, had your drunken intruder stumbled upon your locked back door, who knows what noise and or violence might have ensued.

I have occasional nightmares about such things. You will receive the blame should I have one tonight.

I wonder how I would have handled such a thing myself. In our neighborhood, I would be less inclined to assume benign intentions. I would also have been quite ready to put my Black Belt in Karate to use in such a situation. Hai-Yah!!!

Seriously, should that ever be necessary, it would not be pretty. As Mr. Miyagi said, "Fighting always bad. But if must fight, kick butt."

We moved to rural northern MN when I was a teenager, and my father was frequently away on business trips. One night, 1:30 am, my mother, who slept on the first floor just steps away from the kitchen and front door, was awakened by a drunken young man stumbling up the hallway to the kitchen. (This was rural MN in 1965 -- no one locked their doors.) She grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and demanded to know what he was doing in her house.

Apparently he had mistaken our driveway for another road farther up the highway, turned in, and driven up the driveway and onto the yard until his car was buried up to the bumpers in snow (this was in January) and could go no further.

After figuring out what had happened and who he was, she called someone to come take George home. In true small-town fashion, now that she knew who he was she never let him forget the incident.

I slept on the second floor and knew nothing of this until the next day.

GAH! Well handled: firmness, no escalation, and a no-fuss resolution. I'm impressed! Also, vicariously and completely unnecessarily freaked out like some kind of home-invasion hypochondriac.

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