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What is the Klingon word for penis? I respectfully submit "klingam"

Yeah, barbed -- just like tomcats. That's the Klingons for sure.

I should say that we both recognize that it is quite likely that they, the klingams (at this point Steve and I went on a brief learning adventure across the internet to find out what is the correct way to form a plural in Klingon. Body parts have a distinct plural suffix! so it would actually be klingamDu' or as Steve put it in his IM, not knowing about klingam, wangDu') are both barbed and adamantine.

How certain is it, really, that Klingons have a body part distinctly recognizable as a penis? Sure, they appear to have eyes and noses and arms and legs and whatnot, but maybe they're reproductively more alien than they are facially.

Well, they can interbreed with humans, as I learned yesterday from "Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki."

Does that mean, though, that they can actually copulate with humans, or that their, you know, matter, when mixed properly with human matter, can mature into a fertile adult? "Can interbreed with" is not as transparent a relation as one might think!

Anyway, if it's the former, and we're talking about male klingons and female humans, I think that speaks against the barbed klingam, at least a little.

That is a good point you make there.

Klingon penes are quite small.

All the macho status competition and roaring and fighting with big blades is pure compensation.

I thought this was obvious to all viewers.

This discussion really isn't complete without a mention of rishathra ("sexual practice outside one's own species but within the intelligent hominoids") in Larry Niven's Ringworld.

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