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You are entirely correct. The gardener is wrong. If the tree is dying, it's not because of that pot. Probably, it's not dying anyhow, as you point out. It can't hurt to get some potting soil and stick it in the wooden pot which would both shut him up and look nice.
Many professional "gardeners" know nothing about plants, and are yet very bossy.

I found this post to be chock full of exciting novelty, which may give you some notion of my own life.

I like making "advanced" and "very advanced" jokes. Some parents get them, and some don't!

My younger son had an all-purpose word, oddla, (pronounced with a slight tongue flip on the L) when he was a toddler. Sadly, he outgrew it and learned many more words, not all of them of my choosing. Such is the nature of growing children.

It is not (only) the subject matter that interests readers, it is also and primarily the style of writing. Just as a good actor can entrance you whilst reading the phone book, a good writer, etc.

Mum: Thank you for your support and vindication! Tomorrow we are going to try to obtain some dirt, I guess.

Ray: Ah, but you have a very rich inner life.

David: Enjoy.

kmkat: I am going to take that as a compliment, and (as a result) thank you. Oddla is a very fine all-purpose word. Maybe we can teach it to Jane and confuse things further.

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