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now that it is on netflix streaming josh and i have been watching original star trek. i am totally, desperately, in love with it. knowing nothing about the next generation, we will end up watching the stupid terrible episodes, but sometimes the horrible-ness of it is what i like.

yay, star trek!!!

I saw Riker (cannot remember the actor's name) play his trombone at a StarTrek Con I took my sons to back in the 1990s. Truly a dork.

Yo, Vera... Star Trek TNG is absolutely my favorite TV series ever. What are some examples of "the really stupid episodes that are terribly stupid" ? While I would certainly allow that not all TNGs were equally excellent, I thought that the original series with Kirk & Spock had MANY more dumb episodes.

I really came to like the entire bridge crew, but my favorite is Picard. He is my perfect model for a CEO: authoritative and highly ethical, but he is also aware of his complete dependence on his support team, totally respects and trusts them, and even defers to their judgment when he understands they are more expert than he is.

It took me a long time to warm up to "Q", I must say. I also never really cottoned to Dwight Shultz as Reginald Barclay, though I really liked him as "Howling Mad" Murdoch on the "A-Team".

BTW, I do actually have a very high tolerance for Deanna Troi's cleavage.

My mother's comment on Troi's uniform (the vaguely purplish one with the deep cleavage and the v-shaped beltline): "What it don't show, it points to."

We're skipping everything from Season 1, basically everything from Season 2, and any episode focussed on Wesley or Barclay. Worf/Klingon politics episodes and one were Riker gets to sleep with a xenophilic nurse played by Bebe Neuwirth are getting priority.

I don't actually mind the episodes about Wesley. I totally agree about the Klingon politics episodes -- excellent. I also quite liked many of the episodes that connect back to the original series and feature Spock and Sarek. Many of the Borg shows were excellent as well. That was a cool concept. There are some episodes from the first couple seasons that are worth the time. Without the list in front of me I cannot specify which.

Probably this would amuse you.

It does, it does amuse me.

Sorry to post this here - smack me with the only loosely related stick - but: It's Molds!

Holy cow. It's molds! She could probably clear that up with some bleach.

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