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One of the joys of having children is discovering exceptional children's books... and rediscovering one's own favorites from bygone years. Your post makes me look forward (a bit) to being a grandparent so I can read to little kids again.

I'm good. I'm in India and it's wonderful. I've thought about our trip to Vik's in Berkeley at least twice while here.

Oh, Matty, I am super jealous. And hungry! I'm going to Berkeley in a couple of weeks, at least, so I can stuff myself silly then.

kmkat, I so agree. I was also realizing recently that I am very happy to read poetry recreationally when it is in the form of a children's book (and lots of picture books really are poems, even lots that don't immediately feel like it) but hardly ever do it otherwise -- I don't know why that should be. Maybe it's the lack of pictures and loving individual presentation. Poetry picture books for adults: I want 'em.

Our Animal Friends is even better; all of the animals' personalities and good and bad habits are described! I only discovered these with Gabriel, although my mom insists we had them for Karl and Stefan, and they are favorites and frequently given as gifts by us too.

In the meanwhile, Gabriel and I are enjoying The Spiderwick Chronicles which he was given as a gift this Christmas. They are recently written but a series in the style of our beloved British children in a house type books, and with great illustrations. You and Jane will enjoy them in due course, I'm sure.

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