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Surviving in my own cocoon, thanks for asking. Nice to see you back!

Hooray!!! Hello!!!

Presupposition & the Referring Expressions was one of my favorite local bands back in the day -- really looking forward to the read.

Thank you, again, for the instructions. I just made my first batch, somewhat fearfully ("oh, the possibilities of success and desaster in one jar are endless" - Margaret Drabble, on salad dressings). I even did mise-en-place!
A few questions (sorry - as if you're not busy enough...):
(1) How do you know when to add the cream? I'm pretty sure I added it too early; the corn syrup had rolled down from the sugar, bubbling away and making me nervous. (Butterscotch is, what, dark yellow?) So for a while I had a grainy mass that stuck to the pot in places - it smoothed out eventually, though.
(2) "Bring a book!" you said, meaning you don't stir continuously? Because I did.
(3) The color of the finished caramel is a rich brown - somewhat darker than milk chocolate. Is this ok? For some reason, I had thought it would be lighter.
(4) I guess I'll cut them with a big knife? And cellophane for wrapping?

So nice to see you post again - I love the lunchbox notes! Best wishes, A

Hi hi!

(1) I wait until the corn-syrup/sugar mixture has melted entirely (this requires some stirring early on, which makes it want to seize up horribly, but persevere) and then turns yes, dark yellow. But it sounds like you were fine.

(2) I stir periodically, not continuously.

(3) Yes! It becomes dark brown by way of the Maillard reaction (I just was reading up on this) involving the dairy solids -- this is the same thing that makes meat brown.

(4) Big knife and cellophane, exactly. I usually work in four batches: take a square pan's worth, cut it in half, and set the other half back aside somewhere cool, then cut the 4" x 8" rectangle into narrowish 4" long strips, then each strip into 4 or 5 pieces. Then wrapped in cellophane. I actually went so far as to buy cellophane squares in bulk for wrapping, which makes life easier. This sort of thing.

Yay! I hope your caramels are delicious.

Oh hi! I had forgotten whose mostly defunct blog this was in my Feedly!

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