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Awesome. I'm glad it works!

We were camping this weekend, and 2 campmates made grilled cheese. For 2 hours Saturday and 2 hours Sunday. I can't even begin to count how many people they fed.

I know you've mentioned that soda siphon before, but I can't seem to track it down in your archives (I may be chronically search-impaired). It sounds like just the thing for my thirsty and carbonation-happy mate. What kind is it that is so patient and reliable after weeks in the fridge?

I'm curious too. Are we talking the kind of contraption you might have seen in a Marx Brothers film? If so, bonus points.

It's this one. It is indeed highly Marx-Brothersesque. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.

Dear Foxface,
When I put the milk in my cream of tomato soup it curdles a wee bit, presumably cause the tomato is a highly acidic creature. Does yours do that too?

Hm, no, it doesn't, but with my recipe the tomato mixture has cooled a fair bit by the time I stir the milk in. That might make a difference. Or, I dunno, your milk might be kinda old, even if it is not actually sour.

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