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The soup looks great -- may make some. Num. Fennel.

As to the students --

I'm pretty cheerful at the moment, having gotten through the papers that came in early, noe of which were stupid, and a couple of which were extremely good.

But maybe I've been doing this too long -- or maybe I'm just mean -- I've become very fond of the students who tank out, cause they make my job so easy.

Don't come to class! Don't read the books! Don't write the papers! No prob!

Makes my life SO much easier, grading Things That Aren't There.

On the other hand, I hate all that time spent finding things on the internet.

Maybe this semester somebody will again pretend to be William Hazlitt -- that's fun.

No WAY anybody would spot that as plagiarism! No siree.

People plagiarize in college? Y'know, for all the drinking and carousing and dope-smoking and having of meaningless, anonymous sex, I never stooped to turning in work that wasn't my own. If I turned in work, it was 100% done by me. Not all of it was stellar quality, but at least it was all authentic.

*sigh* In spite of the drinking and carousing and dope-smoking and having of meaningless, anonymous sex, I was pretty damned straight-arrow in college. Still am.

the only thing you forgot in the soup is one medium white or sweet onion


Yes, I don't much mind when my students simply fail to turn things in; it's when they send me plaintive emails begging for help in the broadest, least initiative-taking way that they get up my nose. But as it happened, that was a low point, and they shaped up gratifyingly in time for the end of the semester.

And oh, yes, the plagiarism (which somehow I always take three or four tries to spell correctly) is always the opposite of a treat. I like it best when they lift huge unacknowledged chunks of some poorly-written paper they found on the Internet and then list it in the bibliography, as if that made it okay.

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