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I don't know why they no longer exist. (Actually, I do. It's because folks would rather just buy those espresso machines, and companies would rather sell those than simple yet cunning devices.) If'n you had another, I would willingly pay a king's ransom for it, but I must content myself with my generic-brand aerolatte.


I would also pay a large sum. My father has one of the Graziellas that I got him several years ago (when I was still living at home) when I was working at a local coffee shop and learned how to PROPERLY steam milk. Now they've discontinued this model and I'm hesitant to try the other model. I'm keeping my eyes open at garage sales and on ebay!

I weep also. I've had two round, with screw knob that you loosen for steam, steel stove top steamers that I guess I got a garage sales. I'm treating my last one very gently. The one that I can find on line to buy, I've had in the past and it did not work well. I haven't tried the lever release kind now in several years. Does anyone know where to find the knob screw release ones?

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